Continued trust in Eurocon

Vindparken Mörttjärnberget

Continued trust in Eurocon

Zellstoff Stendal GmbH shows continued trust in Eurocon’s capabilities and awarded them with the detailing of their feasibility for the project cooking plant improvement and expansion.
Eurocon has conducted a feasibility study for seasonality and capacity projects in digester plant in 2010 and is now asked to go into further details on this subject. Goal of the project is to increase production of the mill by eliminating verified bottle necks from todays 620,000ADT/a to 700,000ADT/a. Eurocon’s vast experience on the process should lead to economical solution in the area of the cooking plant.
The order from Zellstoff Stendal GmbH is the first order for the newly established business of Eurocon in Germany working together with the Swedish process specialists and well proven partners.
Total estimated investment volume for the project is app. 40 Mill EUR.

For further information please contact:

Peter Gitzen, CEO, Eurocon GmbH

About Eurocon
Eurocon is a Swedish technical, processing consultancy company with many years of experience and a wide span of knowledge of the processing industry. The company provides a wide spectrum of services mainly directed towards the pulp and paper industry but also towards other chemical industries, saw mills and local authority and publicly owned plants. The company can be engaged for complete projects, sections of projects, running consultancy or separate project management.

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