Information system

Information systems

  • Improves efficiency

  • Quality assurance

  • Mobile-friendly monitoring

  • Generates drawings

  • 3D model integration

  • Manages documents, regulations and specifications.

We offer a unique, comprehensive solution

Today’s modern industries place high demands on streamlined and constantly updated information for all the parties involved, whatever the platform. By combining the SiteBase tool with consultancy operations, Eurocon is able to offer a unique, comprehensive solution for maximum efficiency, software, services, training and support, all in one place.

The result of many years of development, Eurocon’s SiteBase tool is a software suite that streamlines and quality assures information processing in and around a plant or project. In principle, this now means that all information about a factory or plant can be accessed via a mobile phone or tablet, making it possible to survey the process and work on aspects such as handover and commissioning, wherever you may be.

In SiteBase, it is also possible to generate drawings and integrate them into 3D models, manage documents, regulations and specifications, import and export to Excel and other external programmes. During the construction phase, design engineers and fitters can use SiteBase to change a circuit or replace a motor, for example. When it is subsequently put into service in the factory, the function switches to maintenance mode and delivers reports and indicators regarding the plant’s status and maintenance requirements.


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