Holistic thinking creates a sustainable future

People, the environment and technology are all interconnected

"At Eurocon, we work with sustainability in everything we do, socially, economically as well as environmentally. Actively contributing to sustainable development permeates our business and serves as a guiding star. It is all about a holistic view of people, society, nature and its conditions and opportunities," CEO Robert Bylin says.

Eurocon’s sustainability work is based on technology.
–“As technical consultants, we have the opportunity of working with tools that build a better and more sustainable world. Every day we help our customers reduce emissions, decrease energy consumption, and optimize resource use. We usually say that all our projects are sustainability projects,” says Bylin.

Eurocon’s sustainability work is based on three dimensions: economic, social, and environmental. All three dimensions influence and are interdependent on each other.

“Finance is about us doing sound and profitable assignments that benefit both us and our customers. With our technical expertise, we develop environmentally sustainable solutions. In order to do that, we need to look after the best interests of our employees. We are part of the local community where we work and support, among other things, research, and education, but also local sports, both at youth and professional level.”

Research and education
Eurocon has chosen to take on an active role in research and innovation. It is a partner in the development and research company MoRe Research and also has a commitment to RISE Processum. Through these, Eurocon is involved in several exciting projects around nanocellulose and biorefinery to develop products and solutions that better utilize forest raw materials, replace fossil-based materials, and reduce plastic usage.

“This type of commitment is important to us and bolsters our entire organisation. We see that technology and digitalization are part of the solution to the climate and environmental issues of our time, where we can contribute with our expertise,” Robert Bylin states.

The interest in research and education is also visible in Eurocon’s collaboration with a number of Swedish universities, not least when it comes to degree projects and internships for students.

Eurocon’s broad expertise is our foundation. Our business is about people and the environment, where our employees work with our customers, all of whom harbour a desire to constantly improve and make a difference. New experiences contribute to the best possible technology which helps the business to evolve, enabling us to focus on fostering a more sustainable business and society.

Family business
Eurocon is often described as a family company, and we attach great importance to creating creative and welcoming workplaces in which people thrive.

“A decentralized organisation with more streamlined  decision-making channels and a “freedom with responsibility” spirit, as well as delegated powers, enables our employees to grow. To this, we as a company also allot extra resources in the form of security systems which apply to everyone.”

All employees are offered additional health insurance and receive a contribution toward wellness and fitness activities. A profit-sharing system and an enhanced parental allowance are other benefits offered by Eurocon to our employees.

Collaborations and sponsorships
Eurocon also engages with the local community in the areas where we operate.
“We do this, among other things, through collaborations and sponsorship of local sports associations, primarily supporting children’s and youth sports, but also culture and charity, in order to promote active recreation and contribute to the development of the local area. This is a part of our sustainability work.”

People, the environment and technology are a synergy that must work – this is the holistic approach that at Eurocon we live and breathe!