Corporate governance


The management team consists of the CEO, all business unit managers, CEO KLT Konsult AB, CEO Pidab AB, CEO SiteBase, CEO Eurocon Southwest and the CEO’s assistant. The group deals with issues related to the overall business operations, the company’s finances, quality systems, recruitment, marketing activities and other information about the company.

Jan Östman, Manager Human Relations at Eurocon

Jan Östman

Manager Human Relations
+46 (0)70 329 56 04 Contact
Daniel Zakrisson, Business unit manager and project manager in Kiruna/Luleå at Eurocon

Daniel Zakrisson

Business unit manager, Project manager
+46 (0)76 773 89 29 Contact

Lars Arnerlöf

Business unit manager
+46 (0) 703295610 Contact
Mats Karlsson, Business unit manager in Sundsvall/Härnösand/Gävle at Eurocon

Mats Karlsson

Business unit manager
+46 (0)70 326 04 38 Contact
Daniel Thorin, Business unit manager and Project manager in Stockholm at Eurocon

Daniel Thorin

Business unit manager, Project manager
+46 (0)76 767 58 20 Contact
Jörgen Lindström, CEO, KLT Konsult AB

Jörgen Lindström

CEO, KLT Konsult AB
+46 (0)70 665 50 42 Contact
Anton Dahlqvist, CEO, Eurocon SiteBase AB

Anton Dahlqvist

CEO, Eurocon SiteBase AB
+46 (0)73 043 24 04 Contact
Peter Möller, CEO, Eurocon Sydväst AB

Peter Möller

CEO, Eurocon Sydväst AB
+46 (0) 737 122 798 Contact