• Machine safety

  • Process safety

  • Functional safety

  • Training

Unique know-how and extensive expertise for a safe industry

Machine safety, process safety and functional safety place high demands when it comes to experience and understanding of the plant, as well as the ability to carry out accurate risk assessments.

We have worked with safety within industry for many years, and are happy to assist with our expertise throughout the plant’s entire life cycle. Our know-how in the field of process safety means that we are able to identify hazards, as well as to specify, design and verify the safety barriers that are required to protect people, the environment and property.

In combination with our expertise within process automation, we possess unique knowledge about safety instrumented systems (SIS) and functional safety (SIL).

We typically undertake to:

  • Perform process risk analyses with the aid of the HAZOP or What-If methods

  • Draw up classification plans and explosion protection documentation according to ATEX

  • Implement SIL determinations, for example using barrier analysis (LOPA)

  • Establish safety requirement specifications (SRS) according to the requirements in SS-EN 61511

  • Design safety instrumented systems (SIS) from scratch

  • Perform software specification of safety-critical software applications

  • Perform SIL verification of safety instrumented functions (SIFs)

  • Validate safety instrumented systems (SIS), as an independent 3rd party.

  • Carry out training within safety-critical instrumentation and functional safety (SIL) as well as ATEX