The history of Eurocon

Eurocon’s head office is located on classic industrial land in Alfredshem outside Örnsköldsvik. As the business has grown, we have taken over more floors and now fully occupy the classic Nut (whose name derives from its nutlike shape), a ten-storey nut shaped building that has been a famous landmark ever since the MoDo Chemetics era.

In 2020, Eurocon celebrated its 30-year anniversary and ever since its inception has held a proven track record in terms of year-on-year growth in size and profitability. The business has grown from the seven employees who founded Eurocon to today’s approximately 285 staff, and we currently have operations both nationally and internationally.

The company’s growth has been both organic and through acquisitions, of which Automation West (2013), KLT Konsult (2017) and Pidab (2018) are among the largest. The acquisitions, together with a strategy to open new offices, have meant that today we are represented throughout Sweden.

As we have grown, we have also added new industries and new specialist expertise to our organisation. What started with consulting to the forest industry has expanded to new industries in the processing and manufacturing industry, infrastructure, and information systems in several industries.

April 3:rd 2023 was Rejlers acquisition of Eurocon completed. Eurocon will keep its brand and continue as a subsidiary reporting to Rejlers Sweden Industry division.

1990 Eurocon is founded in Örnsköldsvik by seven engineers and contractors from MoDo Chemetics.

1994 Eurocon hires staff and receives large assignments in Canada and Spain.

1995 The subsidiary Eurocon Engineering AB is formed.

1996 The subsidiary Eurocon Automation AB is formed.

2000 The company moves offices, establishing itself in the classic ‘Nut’ (a nickname derived from its nutlike shape) office building in Örnsköldsvik.

2001 MoRe Research AB is formed with Eurocon as a partner. Other owners include Kempestiftelsen, Metsä Board and Domsjö fabriker AB.  The objective: Research and development of products and processes in the forest industry. The collaboration has grown over the years.

2007 Listed publicly on Aktietorget. Ambition: To eventually introduce Eurocon to a regulated marketplace.  The company opens an office in Sundsvall that over the years has grown considerably.

2009 The company opens an office in Kiruna, today with 28 employees.

2010 The MOPS (Mill information and optimization system) software and product become the backbone of the company Eurocon MOPSsys AB, with headquarters in Örnsköldsvik. Eurocon owns 30 percent of MOPSsys AB.

2012 Eurocon opens offices in Stockholm and Härnösand (following the acquisition of Hydlings Ingenjörsbyrå AB), with 7 employees. Eurocon wins the “Growth Company of the Year in Västernorrland” award. The jury cited its motivation as the following: “Right from its inception, the company has been constantly expanding and has demonstrated a very persistent growth strategy. With specialist knowledge, competent management and a good sense of customer needs, the company has demonstrated a unique drive, faith in the future and an ability to grow profitably in traditional industries both nationally and internationally”.

2013 The Gothenburg office opens (following the acquisition of Automation West AB), today with 6 employees. Purpose: to target new customers and new industries in southern Sweden, such as mechanical workshops, food, and pharmaceutical industry, all of which are dependent on automation solutions.

2015 Offices in seven cities. Almost 200 employees. Assignments on several continents. Receives the largest order to date for the rebuilding and extension of the Östrand pulp mill. The project itself is one of the largest industrial investments in Sweden of all time.

2017 Eurocon has offices in eleven cities. Almost 213 employees. Our biggest assignment is the rebuilding and extension of the SCA Östrand pulp mill, Project Helios. Acquisition of KLT Konsult AB.

2018 Offices in eleven cities. 235 employees. Our biggest assignment is the rebuilding and extension of the Östrand pulp mill, Project Helios. We are divesting ownership in MopsSys AB.

2019 Offices in 15 cities. Almost 260 employees. Acquisition of Pidab AB with 24 employees in Gothenburg. A large part of the ownership in MoRe Research AB is divested. The company opens offices in Karlstad, Gävle, Umeå, and Luleå.

2020 Eurocon celebrates its 30-year anniversary.

2021 Eurocon Southwest AB is started up in Gothenburg.

2023 April 3:rd was Rejlers acquisition of Eurocon completed. Eurocon will keep its brand and continue as a subsidiary reporting to Rejlers Sweden Industry division.